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Write Digital Ad Copy That Sells: Copywriting Tips for Women in Business

by Maura Hughes on November 16, 2017
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We’re just one week away from what many consider the biggest shopping weekend of the year. While just about every small business will succumb to offering deep discounts, you can reach more women customers with digital marketing, by simply zeroing in on your marketing message.

I’m talking about writing copy that pulls at the heartstrings, much like you would ooh and aww over a dancing cat video on YouTube. If you really want to market your online business during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, consider these copywriting tips for women in business.

1. Focus on Benefits

Whether you’re writing an email subject line, copy for a landing page, or a Facebook ad, focus on how your customer will benefit from your product, rather than spitting out a list of product features. Put your paying customer hat on for a second, and think about what you value most in the products you purchase most frequently. Chances are it improves your life in some way, whether it’s affordable, convenient, makes you feel good—you name it. Use how your customer will benefit from your product, to inform your ad copy. It also doesn’t hurt to use the holiday spending habits of women customers to your advantage.

SSS-Holiday Spending Habits Will Help You Market to Women.png

2. Use Action Phrases

Actionable sentences inspire people to click on your links, posts and ads more quickly, since you’re giving them direction on what they should do next, after reading your message. Be sure these actionable phrases are written in an active tone of voice. For example, “A mistake was made,” expresses a passive tone of voice, while “I made a mistake,” is an active voice sentence. If you want to write digital ad copy that sells, make a point to let customers know the sale, purchase or deal is on right now!

3. Create a sense of curiosity.

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite show ends in a cliffhanger? Probably so, but it’s also likely that you love it at the same time. The cliffhanger technique is great for copywriting. Leave your audience on edge, regarding the special pricing that awaits when they click through your ad. We’re naturally curious beings, and making your audience click-through to find out the end to your headline mystery is a great way to drive conversions.

WARNING: Do not create fancy headlines that lead to insignificant promotions or deals. Make it worth your customer’s time to click through an ad, or else risk being labeled as click bait for all eternity.

4. Problem - Agitate - Solve (PAS)

This is one of the most popular copywriting formulas. You first identify or describe a problem, then you agitate the problem or describe how life would be if the problem continues to exist. Then, you present your solution.


SSS-Social Media Content Ideas for the Holiday Season-1.png

5. Write a Love Letter, Not a Marketing Message

Sometimes it can be easier to write with one specific person in mind. Think about how thankful you are for that customer. What would you say to someone in a 1-on-1 conversation, if you knew your product could really change their lives. When you opt to write a love letter, rather than a marketing message, you increase your chance to make Facebook ads more successful. If you really want to get into the weeds of audience targeting, create some buyer personas, and then use buyer personas for paid Facebook ads.

SSS-Smart Steps To Use Buyer Personas for Paid Facebook Ads.png


6. Keep it Short and Sweet

I know I just said write a love letter to your customers, but make it a quickie. You only have a limited amount of time to catch your customer’s attention, and once you do, get straight to the point. This is true for most content, not just ad copy. People are compelled to scan, and sometimes not even read a paragraph of text. Quick bullet points, pithy headlines and succinct subject lines are best. However, don’t reduce the length of your content at the expense of a really awesome message you need to share. (Contradictory, I know.)

7. Allure Them with Numbers

If you can’t win them over with copywriting tip 1

through 6, revert to old faithful number 7. Any headline, subject line, ad copy, etc., can be made more attractive with numbers. Those shiny 50% off sale signs at Nordstrom Rack catch your eye the same as a digital banner popping up on your iPhone screen. Instead of “Celebrity Hairstyles to Watch,” opt for “7 Celebrity Hair Style to Die For.” Using numbers in your content helps set the stage for what your audience should expect, once they click-through your content.


SSS-Content Tips that Drive Women to Purchase.png


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