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Why Collaboration is Key to Content Planning

by Sharon L. Hadden on September 20, 2018
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We have a super savvy secret for you: all your content needs to be social, even your content that isn’t on social media.

It sounds confusing but I promise you that this trip can contribute to massive blog audience and website traffic growth.


Most of us know we should be engaging on our social channels. But we can also engage with others through our blog content and email content. The key is to collaborate and never try to create anything in a silo.


Last month, we hit a huge website traffic goal for our business and we know that it’s because of so many people spreading the word about our business.


Whether you’re part of a startup or working as a solopreneur, you need other voices and contributions to your content planning.


So how can you get people to share your business and bring traffic to your blog? By collaborating and getting social with other businesses in your industry or those who work with you!


Here are some ways you can collaborate with your content.


Ask clients to spotlight you and spotlight those you work with.

A few months ago, our CEO wrote a blog post for one of our former clients, Kim Baker Beauty. Kim also wrote a blog post about working with Social Savvy and then shared it with her followers through her Instagram story, which drove traffic to our website.


Another creative we’ve worked with, Steph Asavale Photo recently tagged Social Savvy in a few of her Instagram photos and spoke about us in her story.


We’ve also shared Ashleigh Bing’s work in our Instagram and she tagged us in her photos as well. It’s a give and take of featuring those you work with and asking them to feature you!


Offer crowdsourced articles.

Databox crowdsources the content for their articles. They speak with small business owners and entrepreneurs and marketers and feature their thoughts and ideas in their blogs.


They link the contributors website and often tag them in their social media when they share the article. We’ve been featured in three Databox blogs and we share their blogs that feature us.


So they are spreading their reach from not only their audience but their contributor’s audience as well!



Reach out to anyone you have sourced.

Great blogs often mention facts, statistics or case studies that feature other businesses. If you do link to another blog from your post, be sure to reach out and let that business know.


For one thing, they’ll appreciate that you’ve linked to their website and they might even share the article with their audience. You can even (nicely) ask if they can do so. This works for businesses and influencers.


Plan your content as a group.

One of the best things we did for our content plan here at Social Savvy was review it every month during our monthly meetings. We brainstorm different ideas and topics and refine them as we go.


We both see different sides of the business and understand different sides of what our clients need so we are able to come up with so many different ideas when we plan our content in a collaborative way.


Even if you have team members who aren’t in marketing, you might want to touch base on their ideas for content. They could have insight into a part of your industry or trend that relates to your industry that you might not know that could make for perfect content.


Content shouldn’t be created in a silo. If you want it to stay competitive in this social world, be social when you plan it, create it and publish it!

If you need help planning your content, download our free Get Your Content Together Guidebook or the Content Planning Worksheet.


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