Smart Steps to Use Buyer Personas for Paid Facebook Ads

There is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to use social media to reach more customers, and Facebook and other social platforms have made it possible to reach your audience through low-cost advertising.

You can make Facebook ads more successful, and more budget-friendly, when you partner them with buyer personas.


What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer. Personas help to segment your target audience, to make marketing easier and sales virtually seamless. Buyer personas are created using a mix of existing customer data and market research.


How Can You Use Buyer Personas for Paid Facebook Ads?

One of the most impressive features of social media platforms, especially Facebook, is the ability to target very specific groups of individuals. Compared to traditional marketing, where the strategy is to reach more people, and hope they are interested in your product; social media ads allow you to target and reach people who are most interested in your product.

Imagine that one of your buyer personas is named Mom Maggie. She is a working mother in her 30’s, who spends the majority of her time working full-time and being active in her children’s lives. She has an income of about $78,000 per year and enjoys spending her hard-earned money on her children and occasionally treating herself to a luxury handbag.

With this in mind, hop on Facebook Business, and continue to walk through this activity.

Within Facebook ads, you can target women between the ages of 35-49, who identify as soccer moms, live in a specific zip code, have an income of over $75,000/year, and follow specific luxury designers. Also consider that because Mom Maggie works full-time and spends her evening with her children, she’s likely to be online in between work and family activities. Set up your ad to run during times that she is most available.

When you’ve done the work of creating buyer personas, you can easily navigate Facebook ad targeting options, to reach your perfect customer. You can find a full list of Facebook targeting options here.


How Do Buyer Personas Make Facebook Ads More Successful?

Facebook allows you to create Saved Custom Audiences, so that you can create campaigns specific to each of your buyer personas. This ensures that the content you create, specific to a persona, is easily applied to your paid social campaigns, at all times. Truly, not even a cent is wasted when you combine Facebook audience targeting with timely and relevant content, specific to your buyer personas.



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Maura Hughes

Written by Maura Hughes

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