Savvy Tools to Manage Your Social Media Content Calendar

Have you ever started a content calendar or a social media strategy only for it to fall off your to-do list because you’re so busy? I know I have! In fact, many entrepreneurs and women business owners find it hard to keep consistent with social media marketing.


As a growing business owner, social media often falls under your responsibility. Here are a few tools to make it easy to manage your social media content calendar like a pro.

1. GoogleDrive

Surprisingly enough, Google Drive is an easy starting point, if you don’t have the budget, or technology savvy to adopt other tools. Use Google Sheets to create a calendar, and organize ideas in collaborative Google Docs. If you have a virtual team, using Google Drive is perfect because it eliminates the possibility of outdated content calendars.

2. Trello

If you’re a visual person, Trello should be one of your content tools to consider. The Trello interface is organized by cards, lists and boards. You can list out social media content by platform, or by the stage of your progress i.e. draft, pending review, approved, etc. Trello also has a calendar view and allows you to assign due dates to tasks, to ensure they get done on time.

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3. Hubspot

We use Hubspot to manage our social media content. I love it because I can upload content from a simple excel spreadsheet, assign posting dates, add images and be done.

Hubspot is a great tool if you’re looking to consolidate all of your content into a single dashboard, from blogs, to email, to social, and closely track the success of all your marketing campaigns.

4. Monday

We recently adopted Monday as our project management tool. The easy to use dashboards help us track the status of social posts, start a Q&A about a particular piece of content, or add quick notes to our tasks.

With Monday, you can see all of your projects in one view, which makes it easy to collaborate with a team or marketing consultant.

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5. DivvyHQ 

DivvyHQ is an ideal project management software if you're managing a large amount of content. It includes everything you need to manage social media content, from calendars to keep organized, to the ability to publish posts directly to your social media pages.

DivvyHQ also includes reporting tools, so you can measure your content success and growth.


Social media management doesn’t have to be a manual job anymore. The right tools can set you on a path to create, curate, publish and measure your content, like a social savvy boss.

Leave a comment and let me know what tools you plan to invest in for 2018.

Free Marketing Download - Savvy Guide to Social Media


Maura Hughes

Written by Maura Hughes

Maura Hughes loves discovering the story behind a business. She helps women in business connect with their audience online and increase sales through social media and content marketing.