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Part 1: Crush Your Sales Goals with a Savvy Holiday Marketing Plan

by Sharon L. Hadden on October 24, 2017
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Each year, holiday shopping begins earlier, and earlier, and if you want to reach more women customers this holiday season, you need to start your holiday marketing plan now. And by now, I mean yesterday!

I could use this article to share general marketing tips for the holidays, but since a large chunk of small business revenue is generated during the holiday season, I want to talk specifically about crafting a plan to crush your sales goals, and reach more women customers with content marketing.



1. Know Your Goal

If you don’t set clear goals for the content that you create, your holiday marketing plan is already a lost cause. You could measure your success by likes, comments, shares or link clicks, but since this article is all about crushing your SALES goals, I strongly encourage you to measure success in dollars. Consider likes, comments and shares as secondary measurements, during the holiday season. All roads should lead to your wallet.

Let’s say you plan to offer the best deal of the year on Small Business Saturday (SBS), so you write a blog post announcing your offer and schedule 10 social media posts to promote the sale before SBS, 10 social media posts to promote the sale during SBS, and 5 social media posts to thank customers for their support and drive a few more sales after SBS.

You should set clear goals for your blog post, such as 50 views. Ideally, your blog post will include links to your product page, which can be considered as your “call-to-action”. Your goal may be to get 10 readers to click on your product page link. From there, you’ll want to set sales goals for your content i.e. How many people added an item to their cart? How many people completed their purchase? How many of these customers came from blog readers or social media posts from your campaign?

Reach More Women Customers This Holiday Season

2. Get Clear on Your Audience

The next piece of your holiday marketing plan should be getting clear on your audience and what their needs are. Who are your customers shopping for? What are they stressed about this season? What is their budget? Think about the problems and priorities of your audience, then determine how you’ll communicate your product as the ultimate solution. Remember, the best holiday marketing ideas stem from the hearts and minds of your audience.

3. Outline Your Content

After you’ve done your audience research, brainstorm content ideas. Imagine you’re trying to find the best way to market a subscription box—you could create content that’s all about how to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything. If you’re a beauty product business, you can create content around holiday looks. Marketing custom jewelry? Offer style tips for the holiday season. Content that is informative, helpful, or even entertaining is perfect when planning holiday marketing for small business.

4. Optimize Your Content

Before you start to share your content, make sure you are mentioning your own products, when it’s both natural and relevant to your audience. Hyperlink your products in blog post, and don’t forget to link to your product page in social posts. Think back to your campaign goals, and do all that you can to make sure your content helps achieve them. 

5. Kick-off Your Holiday Marketing Plan

You’ve set goals, researched your audience, made an outline and optimized your content—now what?  Kick-off your holiday marketing campaign with a big splash by sharing on social media, emailing announcements to friends, family and subscribers, and re-sharing blog and product links to your personal accounts.

During the life of your campaign, change your website link across all social platforms to send followers straight into your product page. Leave comments on holiday gift guides, blogs and popular forums to stir up engagement for your campaign. You’ll almost always be prompted to leave a website link, and this is a chance to increase visibility on your product pages.


It doesn’t matter if this is your first holiday in business, or your last, holiday marketing for small business requires three things: planning, strategy and consistency!

For everyone that downloads our free holiday marketing checklist, we’ll be scheduling a free holiday planning session. Don’t miss your chance to discuss and improve your holiday marketing campaign.



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