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Part 2: Crush Your Sales Goals with a Savvy Holiday Marketing Plan

by Maura Hughes on October 26, 2017
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You’ve got better things to worry about than holiday marketing on Facebook. Why stress over how to reach more women customers with social media, when you can just hire a marketing consultant to do it for you?! Before I dive into this blog post, I want to be sure that you know we’re here to support you in crushing your sales and marketing goals. If you’re supercharged to go at it alone this year, keep reading for part two of our marketing tips for the holidays.

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While Sharon focused on crafting a holiday marketing plan in part one, today I want to share tips on social media management for women in business. There’s no better time to boost posts and run paid promotions, than the holiday season, and in this post, I’ll outline how to use paid tools on social media, to take your holiday marketing plan to the next level!

Facebook ads and Instagram ads can prove to be cost effective solutions for your holiday marketing campaigns. Using the tips that I’ll share, you can easily amplify the results of your existing holiday content.

The first rule of social media ad campaigns is to segment your audience. Hopefully, you’ve already identified your target audience ant their needs, but in case you need a refresh, this article on 12 ways to get to know your audience can help.

Facebook offers extremely detailed targeting options, so you can either target your Facebook fans or extend your targeting to a specified group, based on demographics, behaviors and interests. In addition to your own Facebook fans, their friends may also be good candidates to target. In this case, you can choose to target “Friends of people who like your page,” and create a strategic campaign geared toward getting the friends of your Facebook fans to purchase a gift from your business.

Facebook also has advanced options that include retargeting capabilities. This means you can target individuals who have visited your website, shopped with your store previously or signed up for your email list. Retargeting on Facebook is a great way to keep your business top-of-mind, as customers surf the web for holiday gifts.


marketing tips for the holidays

A popular choice for Facebook ad graphics is the carousel photo, where you can feature several images of your products in one ad. If one of your Facebook posts is already performing well, you may want to consider boosting that post or creating separate ads using the image and copy that performed so well. In either scenario, be sure you are using professional images to support your holiday marketing on Instagram, as well as Facebook.

The best part of using social media ads to crush your holiday sales goals is the fact that ads can be easily monitored, as well as improved. Facebook and Instagram typically charge on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, so if you notice your CPC is unusually high, you may want to adjust your ad. CPC varies by industry, and for the beauty industry, the average CPC is $1.81. This means that you are charged $1.81, every time someone clicks on your ad. In my opinion, this can get pricey, if those clicks aren’t converting into sales. 

If you’re new to social advertising, experiment with a few ads to determine your own baseline. Here at Social Savvy Consulting Group, we’ve been able to run successful ad campaigns for our clients for as little as $.09 per click!

Have you experimented with social media ads?

Leave a comment with your success strategy, or failures that need a fix!


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