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Trends to Help You Market to Women: 2017 Roundup Report

by Sharon L. Hadden on January 1, 2018
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Psst… Can I tell you a secret? It’s about how to reach more women customers with marketing.

It has nothing to do with the latest marketing tools, or adopting the latest social media trends. It also has nothing to do with how large or small your marketing budget.

Ready for it? The best way to market to women, is to first understand them.

In this roundup report, we explore what women customers bought in 2017, and more importantly, the reason behind why she buys.


She Bought Things That Were Important to Her

From fashion, to food, to travel and home goods, if she felt like it was important to have in her life, she made a point to purchase it.

In 2017, 56% of women shopped online with 48% of those shopping at independent boutiques and 40% at category-specific online stores. 

Women reported they enjoyed online shopping and were willing to invest time in finding the right deals.

Why She Buys

What’s important to her is relative to her life stage, rather than age range. After all, the values and needs of a millennial mom could vary greatly between a millennial mom who’s also in graduate school.

Get to know her lifestyle, and create content, products and service offerings that appeal to her unique needs.

Black woman drinking tea - social savvy

She Bought Things That Made Her Feel Good

In 2017, self-care was deemed a top priority for women, and brands that emphasized self-care thrived because of it.

Pinterest searches for “self-care” are up 537%, saves for “healthy hair tips” are up 219%, and “eco-friendly clothing” saves are up 750%.

From subscription boxes, to custom jewelry, women want products that make her feel good, while simultaneously doing good for others.

Why She Buys

Women are constantly evaluating how their purchases will impact the people they care about the most.

This circle of care often expands beyond her nuclear and immediate family, resulting in a strong desire to make meaningful connections in every part of her life.

Find ways to show her she is appreciated. Acknowledge and reward her positive influence on others. Help her spread social good, while making her feel good in the process.

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She Bought Experiences More Often Than Material Goods

The true joy of shopping comes from the anticipation and action of showing off your purchase.

Women look forward to boasting about their savings, or exclusivity, and since the lifespan of an experience, versus a material good is everlasting, experiences are a natural fit for her splurge category.

Why She Buys

Experience purchases combine what’s important with what makes her feel good, and packages it into a memory.

Travel, entertainment, etc., give her a chance to discover and indulge herself.  However, it’s not just a quick vacation—everything has meaning.

Women lean into things that money can’t buy. Deliver on that, and you’ve won a loyal customer for life.

Social Savvy - 2018 Content Marketing Trends.png

Women don’t define wealth or value in dollars, instead, they hold the intangible value of gratitude, peace of mind and health in high regard.

If you want to successfully market to women in 2018, embrace these insights, and apply them to your application of various social media and content marketing trends.


Topics: business development