How to Reach More Women Customers with Content Marketing

Social media and digital marketing tactics no longer work like they once did. Customers are fast-forwarding through commercials on YouTube, installing ad blockers and unsubscribing from email lists like never before. As these tactics become more complex, your small business can still gain the advantage and reach more women customers with content marketing.

The Content Marketing Institute shares, “content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain your audience and drive profitable action.” The key word in this definition is PROFITABLE.

Miss South Africa CEO Talks Women and Business

Studies show that women are more likely to purchase from businesses that provide education and information to help solve a problem, address a need or add value to overall quality of life. Are your customers avid blog readers? Maybe a weekly blog post on fashion staples would surprise and delight them. Does your business specialize in self-care? Perhaps a video series of you unboxing the best subscription boxes for self-care will keep customers coming back. 

A whopping 90% of women feel like businesses don't understand the needs of the female demographic. You can use content marketing to change that and let your women customers know that you've got their back.

Content marketing is your chance to show women customers that you know what they are going through. Once you've got their attention, your content should do its best to provide information that leads them to the best possible solution—YOUR BUSINESS

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Everything from growing your social media following to increasing website traffic relies on quality content. And get this, content marketing costs 62% less than other marketing methods and generates 3x as many leads. So, not only will you gain more women customers, you'll also save money on marketing overall.

Last year, Social Savvy Consulting Group worked with 212 west, a customizable jewelry company, on social media and content marketing. A key piece of their content marketing plan included a Facebook Live event, in partnership with lifestyle bloggers. This event helped 212 west increase social media following by 14% in one month, and during the same month, 18% of 212 west's website traffic was a result of social media postings.

You don't have to host a Facebook Live event, but great content like ebooks, webinars and blog posts go a long way, especially when your goal is to reach more women customers. If you're not sure where to start, there are a number of free resources that will point you in the right direction. This Savvy Guide to Content Marketing is packed full of content tips, ideas and resources on using content to drive engagement, increase leads and generate sales for your business. 

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No matter what content you decide to create, the most important thing is to be consistent. Creating content can take time and energy, but there's proof that it can be a huge driver of sales for your business. 

Once you've had the chance to grab your free marketing download, take a minute to share your experience with content marketing. How do you know when your content is really working in your favor?

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Sharon L. Hadden

Written by Sharon L. Hadden

Sharon L. Hadden is a writer first, by passion and profession. She helps women in business find the sweet spot between content & marketing, so they can reach more women customers.