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Content Marketing Trends for 2018

by Sharon L. Hadden on December 26, 2017
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Content marketing is fast becoming a go-to strategic marketing approach, especially for start up businesses.

If you think about it, your Instagram and Pinterest posts are content marketing in action. Your blog articles, live videos and Insta stories are too.

It’s easy to get stuck in the planning phase when it comes to content marketing, but everyone has to start somewhere.

These content marketing trends for 2018 will help you on your journey to grow your business with content marketing and make 2018 your best year yet.


1. Make Content Work for You, with a Documented Strategy

Notice I said documented, and not just planned. I don’t care if your strategy is written on a paper napkin, your plan is no good unless it’s documented somewhere that you and your team can reference easily.

Black woman on the phone - Social Savvy

Your strategy should include basic information like details on your target audience, where to find them online, and the overall goal of each type of content you produce.

Think of the content you produce as a means to achieve your business growth goals. Every tactic, i.e. blogging, social posts, free downloads, etc., should roll up into a seamless solution. Define your measure of success, set quantifiable goals, stick to the plan, and when in doubt, trust the process.

 72% of marketers reported that developing or adjusting their content strategy improved their content marketing efforts.

You may not consider yourself a marketer, but if you expect to be a successful startup business, you should definitely cultivate some semblance of marketing knowledge, or hire a marketing consultant, to outsource the task.

Social Savvy - When Should You Hire a Marketing Consultant.png 

2. Distribute and Promote Content Like Your Livelihood Depends on It

Every time you post online, you’re competing with millions of others for attention. In 2014, Facebook users shared over 2 million pieces of content every minute.

That’s bananas! And if you think your content won’t get swept away in that tidal wave, please leave a comment and let me know your plan to avoid the mosh pit!

Be your own #1 fan, and distribute and promote content like your business depends on it. Because at the end of the day, it does!


New call-to-action

Among other things, the time of day, day of week and seasonality of the content you post plays a huge role in whether or not your content will be seen.

Things as simple as adjusting when emails, blog posts and social posts are sent out, based on the time zone of your audience can help significantly increase your reach.

Also, don’t be afraid to share the same social post a few times in a day, or over the course of a week or month.

Social algorithms are constantly changing to improve experience on the platform, and often times, if a user isn’t checking your feed directly, it’s likely they’ll miss your post.

Give people a chance to interact with your business online, and if someone calls you out on reposting something you’ve already said, thank them for paying attention!

SSS-Content Marketing Tips that Drive Women to Purchase.png


3. Video is Here to Stay, and it's No Surprise That it's Live

80% of business owners said they will create more video content in 2018, and 42% want to create more live video.

I know there’s someone out there who’s too shy, too busy, too tired, too *insert any other excuse*, to create video content, but just look at the numbers, if you need to be convinced of this 2018 content marketing trend.

Videos see an average of 135% more organic reach, than images on Facebook.

Also, people tune into live videos 3x as much as videos that weren’t recorded live. They also leave 10x the number of comments on live videos, versus recorded videos. 

Now, you may be asking, “Where do I find the time?!”

The answer is, you don’t find it, you make it. You make time for video content, like you make time for coffee in the morning. In fact, hop on live video when you make your morning coffee!

By attaching video content production to one of your own daily habits, you can increase the likelihood of getting something—anything—out to the world.

 Black woman making silly face - social savvy

4. Paid, Owned and Earned Content Now Overlap

Owned media is content that you own, like your blog or website.

Paid media is generally an advertisement or feature, such as a social media or web banner ad. Earned media is exposure you earn, such as a business profile, podcast interview, guest blog post, etc.

This content mix—paid, owned and earned, used to be the golden standard for content marketing plans, but as we head into 2018, those lines will continue to blur.

Branded content, influencer engagements, native advertising are all making their way into the wallets of small business owners.

There are still a ton of ways to keep your marketing costs low, but women in business will need to get creative, as well as flexible, to create revenue generating content marketing campaigns.

SSS-Low Budget Marketing for Women Focused Businesses.png

5. Transparency Matters, Big Time

More than anything, transparency is what matters in 2018. People want to know their email address is secure and won’t be sold, when they subscribe to your contact list.

They want to feel good knowing you won’t send them anymore information than what they’ve agreed to receive. They want to know they made the right decision to trust your business and products.

Recent surveys show that consumers don’t trust brands like they trust recommendations from their peers. To break free of this paradigm, get into her inner circle, and be a peer, before being a professional.

Remember that before she’s a customer, she’s a woman. Seek to understand why she buys; remain transparent in your intent; and never, ever, misuse the trust and confidence she’s put into you, to make a sale.


Content marketing trends can be a fun and exciting way to reenergize your business, and reach more women customers with content marketing, this year.

There’s no shortage of content marketing tips out there, and we’ve prepared this free guide, to help you on your journey to learn content marketing.

As always, if you need help with content marketing, drop a note in the comments. I’d love to learn more about your business.

Free Marketing Download - Savvy Guide to Content Marketing


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