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Best Social Media Accounts to Guide Your 2018 Social Media Strategy

by Maura Hughes on December 28, 2017
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Social media marketing can be an affordable, powerhouse strategy, to market a small business. If you haven’t started planning your 2018 social media strategy, there’s no better time than the present.

 We put together some of the best social media accounts, to inspire your social content and discuss how these brands use social media to reach more customers


ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop Cosmetics is an excellent example of social media management for beauty brands. The company focuses on creating excitement and building engagement on Facebook and Instagram, by using social media trends to its advantage.

ColourPop Cosmetics on Instagram.png


ColourPop consistently uses the branded hashtag “#ColourPopMe” and encourages followers to share their looks, by reposting audience photos. ColourPop frequently uploads videos of products in action, and the company even uses the Instagram and Facebook stories feature, to hype up certain products or share details about sales and specials. You can emulate ColourPop’s success, by adding videos, live stories and fun hashtags to your social media mix.


PinkBlush is an excellent example of a brand that truly knows its audience. PinkBlush sells stylish, versatile pieces that can be worn from pregnancy through motherhood. The company’s success on social media is a prime example of investing in platforms where your audience is highly engaged.

PinkBlush on Instagram.png

New mothers, proud aunts and doting sisters love sharing the sweetness of new babies on Facebook and Instagram. PinkBlush has used this natural pattern of engagement to its advantage, by producing content that specifically appeals to this demographic.

Just as ColourPop found a way to win big with user generated content, PinkBlush mixes up its social feed, by sharing customer photos and fun content like quotes on motherhood, nursery photos and baby photos. If you want your social media presence to rock like PinkBlush, start with a clear understanding of your target audience.


Ipsy is a make-up subscription box that excels in social media marketing. The company uses its social channels to share make-up tips, make-up tutorials and build excitement for upcoming boxes. Not only does Ipsy regularly post engaging content, not a day goes by when the brand isn’t engaging with its audience.

Ipsy on Instagram.png

Engagement is essential when it comes to social media management for subscription boxes. A quick look at the Ispsy Facebook and Instagram feed, and you’ll find the company answering frequently asked questions, replying to comments and engaging with its audience. Follow Ipsy’s lead in your 2018 social media strategy, and make sure you’re engaging with your audience daily.


Social media for custom jewelry is a crowded market, but MantraBand, an inspirational custom jewelry company, stands out from the crowd with beautifully curated social feeds.

MantraBand on Instagram.png

MantraBand combines gorgeous imagery with inspirational and motivational messages, to tell its brand story. The company regularly requests photos from customers, so they can be shared on the company social feed. MantraBand also holds regular contests and giveaways and features fan photos every week, during “Fan Friday”.

For a stunning social media feed like MantraBand, remember that captions matter just as much as your visuals. Be intentional with your wording, to increase engagement and encourage conversions.


When we were exploring 2018 social media trends, these accounts helped confirm our suspicions. 81% of Americans have a social media account and worldwide usage is expected to grow to 2.5 billion users in 2018.

Now, more than ever, engagement and two-way communication is key. If you’re having trouble along the way, take a look at this savvy guide to social media for some additional social media tips.

Free Marketing Download - Savvy Guide to Social Media


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