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A Day in the Life of a Woman in Social Media

by Maura Hughes on September 27, 2018
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Sometimes when I’m on my phone scrolling through Instagram, a friend of mine will ask “What are you doing?” and I get to answer “Working!” with a big smile on my face.

I’m a social media coordinator. I work remotely on many different clients and I’ll be honest with you, my job is the best job in the world… most days, that is.


If you’ve ever wanted a remote job or wondered what people who worked from home did all day, I’m here to give you the inside scoop on a day in the life of a woman in social media.


Contrary to what some people think, I start my day at a normal time, usually 8am or 9am. My commute is about five steps to my desk and I never hit traffic!


I try to keep a somewhat consistent schedule because I’ve found it helps me be more productive. The first thing I do in the morning is check in on all my client social media pages. It’s usually been at least 12 hours since I’ve checked in so I answer messages and comments to keep  page engagement rates high. I do this every hour or so throughout my day since algorithms love engaging pages.


I’m most creative in the mornings so I try to keep my mornings clear of meetings or appointments so that I can write content and design images and make the most of my peak creativity time. I definitely recommend anyone working in marketing or social media find their peak creative time and arrange their schedule so they can focus on their creativity during that time.


This trick has helped me become known as the “Social Media Slayer” because I can churn out quality content in a short amount of time! It’s all about understanding your focus and work style.

(Want to find your work style? Check out the quiz we did with our Christian Business Box!)


My afternoons are always changing and it’s one of the things that I love most about my job. Some days I’m creating a content strategy. Other days, I’m on meeting with a client and some days, I’m out taking photos on site with a client. Sometimes, I’ll have a client event that I need to  cover in the evening so I will take the afternoon off to free myself time for work. And yes, sometimes I work from the pool!


I’d say of the toughest parts about being a woman in social media is that you're always on. I live with my phone in my hand most days and I can often be found scrolling on a client’s Instagram account or responding to Facebook messages late into the evening and on the weekends. It can be a great thing to love your job. But I recommend that you find your limits and your balance. I have a mandatory no-phones policy when I’m at a dinner with my boyfriend or friends and I don’t allow my phone into my bedroom so that I can have some “off work” time.


And that’s a sneak peak into a day in the life of a social media manager!


If you want to work remotely or in social media, I recommend finding your balance and creating really clear boundaries. Just because I work five steps from my bed does not mean I lie in bed all day.


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