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9 Tools to Run Your Business from Your Phone

by Sharon L. Hadden on August 16, 2018
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These days, almost anyone with a sense of adventure and their own business can become a digital nomad. We’re lucky to live in a time where it’s easy to stay connected, whether you are working from a desk in your own home or across the world.


If you want to keep building your business while travel the world or even just want to get a little bit of work done while you’re on vacation, then you need these 9 tools and apps on your phone!


1. Buffer

Buffer is one of our favorite apps for managing social media. With Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts from your phone and manage likes, replies and comments.


2. MailChimp

If you have an email list for your business, you are going to want to stay in touch with them, even if you are traveling. With the MailChimp app, you can write, schedule and send emails from your phone and check your analytics afterwards.


3. Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a fantastic tool if you still plan on keeping an address in the States for business purposes. Traveling Mailbox provides you with a physical mailbox address. They scan the envelope of your mail to you and from there you can tell them to scan the contents for you to review, forward the item, shred it, return it or hold it. You’ll never miss an important document and your mail won’t pile up!


4. Doodle

Time management can be tough when traveling and scheduling meetings when everyone is in different time zones can be a huge hassle. Doodle makes it easy for you to find convenient times for meetings with your clients. With Doodle, users are polled to determine the best time and date to meet for a meeting. If you are someone who is constantly scheduling meetings with your team or clients, you will want Doodle on your phone.


5. Trello

If you do client work or work with a team, then Trello will help you stay organized and on task, even as you travel. Trello is a web-based app that allows you to organize your project, keep track of to dos and deadlines in a clean and easy to use interface.


6. Dropbox

You might not always be at your computer when you’re off traveling the world but you can always be near important documents when you have Dropbox on your phone. You can monitor, edit and send the files you need, without your computer thanks to Dropbox’s app.


7. Every Time Zone

Let’s be honest, time zone math can be exhausting! If you’re constantly moving around the globe or your team is scattered all over the world, you need Every Time Zone on your phone. You can quickly and easily get a look at what time it is all over the world with Every Time Zone.


8. Skype

Meetings can’t always be held on the phone if you’re traveling. Skype makes it easy to have conference calls or video calls with your clients or team while you are on the road. It also acts as an instant messenger service so you can message your team or clients throughout the day.


9. Shoeboxed

Even while you travel, you need to manage your business expenses. Shoeboxed allows you to do that! Shoebox is a painless way to keep track of your business receipts, create expense reports, track mileage and your business expenses. You can scan your receipts from your phone, organize your spending and keep an eye on your expenses.

These apps will help you run your business like a pro, no matter where you are. With these apps, you can reach more women customers, grow your business with social media and be able to feel organized from all over the world!


Topics: business development