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7 Content Marketing Tips That Drive Women to Purchase

by Sharon L. Hadden on April 17, 2017
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Women-owned and women-focused businesses have quite the advantage in 2017. Between the Women's March, #ADayWithoutAWoman and an unapologetic cohort of Nasty Women, the awareness, power and support of women in business has substantially increased.

As a result, women now account for 85% of consumer purchases across all industries.

If you're looking to reach more women customers, you first need to understand what drives women to purchase a product in the first place. Here are seven content marketing tips that will help you market to women. 

1. Establish an Emotional Connection

Research shows that women connect on a more emotional level than men do. While men focus on objective facts, women take both subjective and objective information into consideration, when they choose to purchase a product. Increase your chances of securing women customer, by creating content that stirs positive emotions.

2. Build a Community Around Your Brand

Women are more loyal to brands, compared to male counterparts, and if you're on social media, you're in luck, since women are also more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Focus on building a community and relationships with your customer, instead of just selling your product. If you need a few ideas on building an online community using content marketing, check out this quick guide here

3. Make Product Information Easy to Find

Once again, we women express our superiorty by researching and comparing products more often than men. It's your job as a thoughtful business owner to make product information easy to find and easy to access. Once customers have learned all about your offering, your product should be just as easy to purchase.

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4. Relate to Customers and Make Them Feel Special

Most women don’t feel like businesses can truly relate to their needs. Lack of help when needed is a top problem for women customers, but that can be easily solved with carefully planned content, and a well thought out marketing strategy

Put yourself in your customer's shoes—you wouldn't want to be generalized, as if you're identical to all women worldwide. Conduct market research to really understand your perfect customer, and then find meaningful ways to show your appreciation for their uniqueness. 

Check out this blog post on how to create buyer personas, similar to the example below. 

Lisa Gutiérrez - Buyer Persona Example


5. Encourage Feedback and Reviews

91% of women do online research before making a purchase. Women also place a high level of trust in online reviews, so be sure to monitor for and address negative reviews, as well as keep an eye on your ratings for social sites like Facebook, Yelp or Google. 

It's amazing to see that 92% of women pass along information about deals and products to others. Use this to your advantage and offer promo codes and referral specials to customers who leave glowing reviews about your business.

6. Never Compromise Your Brand Values

Never compromise your brand values for the sake of trending topics, humor, politics, you name it. Stay true to your mission and vision, and create content that shares your brand values in a unique way.

Research shows that women identify more with brands that align with their values. When your values as a brand align with the values of your customer, magic happens. 

Not only will you reach more women customers by staying true to yourself, you'll reach more customers who are perfect for your business overall. 

Snag Your Content Planning Worksheet

7. Strive for Excellent Customer Service

Women have higher expectations of customer service than our male counterparts.  Putting just a little extra effort into your customer service can go a long way toward making customers feel valued, and increase the likelihood of future sales. Your content should strive to provide excellent service through FAQs, email and social media support, user guides, etc.


Overall, women customers want to know that you understand their needs and appreciate their business. Women want emotional connections and meaningful experiences with products and brands, as well as great customer service and rewards for loyalty and referrals.

How do you plan to use the content tips in this article? I'd love to hear about your experience building a powerful fan base of women customers. Leave a comment and let me know. 


Topics: content marketing

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