5 Ways To Use Buyer Personas To Sell More

Buyer personas can make or break your small business. If you do the work of understanding your target audience, and create buyer personas that expand on this, you can make marketing easier and ultimately reach more women customers. Here are five ways you can use buyer personas to sell more.


1. Craft Content That Makes a Difference

The sales process begins the moment a potential customer discovers your business, and for many women in business, your first impression is by in-person or online referral, via social media or other digital content. Use buyer personas to create content that makes a difference. Think about the language, hashtags, and even the emojis that your audience might use. Then, write a love letter to your customer about how your product solves their challenge.

2. Create Content That Maps Buyer Personas to Where They Are in Your Sales Cycle

Every business has a sales cycle that includes a stage for awareness, consideration and purchasing. Use buyer personas to flesh out the type of content your customer needs at each stage of the sales cycle, so that you can help guide them closer to purchasing.

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3. Create Content Offers with Buyer Personas in Mind

The whole point of creating buyer personas is so you’re armed with information about what motivates and challenges your customer. Your customer is experiencing a problem that you have the knowledge (and product) to solve, so why not create a special content offer with that persona in mind? Content offers could range from e-books, to videos, to infographics, all with the intent of keeping your customer interested in your business long enough to make their purchase.

4. Improve Your Product Based on the Needs of Buyer Personas

After creating buyer personas for your small business, you may find that it opens up ideas for product improvements or completely new product lines. As an entrepreneur, your job is to uncover the customer need, and then deliver a solution for it. You can use buyer personas to make informed decisions about how to grow your business over time.



5. Use Buyer Personas to Tailor Your Sales Concept

Buyer personas are helpful in the sales process, because they allow business owners to predict customer behavior and decision making. When you understand what customers value, in addition to the objections they may have about purchasing your product, you can make sure you’re one step ahead in the sales process.


Buyer personas for small business are excellent tools that can help you sell more. To effectively use your buyer personas, be sure to update and review what you’ve created, as your business changes and grows. Have you used buyer personas in your sales and marketing strategy? Leave a comment and let me know.


Sharon L. Hadden

Written by Sharon L. Hadden

Sharon L. Hadden is a writer first, by passion and profession. She helps women in business find the sweet spot between content & marketing, so they can reach more women customers.