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4 Ways Testimonials Make Your Non-Profit More Marketable

by Sharon L. Hadden on May 24, 2018
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Marketing is so often associated with business that some non-profits forget they need it.

While non-profits have different goals than a business, they still need to raise awareness for their cause. Here are four ways that testimonials make your non-profit more marketable.


1. Testimonials Build Trust in Your Organization

In this digital day and age, many individuals worry about the truthfulness and honesty of organizations.

When they see testimonials from people they know, or even strangers, they feel like volunteer and donor contributions have already been vetted by others. This increases the likelihood they'll volunteer or donate themselves.  

2. Testimonials Strengthen Teamwork and Commitment

Testimonials help people visualize what it would be like to be a part of your team. They showcase the commitment and pride of current donors and volunteers, and new contributors enjoy seeing the team effort that makes your organization successful.

The psychological impact of a good or bad review is immeasurable. Because of this, testimonials have the power to intensify commitments to your organization.

Social Savvy - Social Media for Nonprofits 

3. Testimonials Capitalize on Storytelling Which is Marketing at it's Best

There's something to be said about the power of storytelling.  It's literally marketing in it's best form, and proves to be an unwavering content marketing trend

You can use testimonials to tell stories around personal experiences, as well as your mission and values. Additionally, testimonials put a face to your organization.

People want to help people: not boards, not faceless mission statements and not abstract goals. Stories stick with us in a way that almost no other form of marketing does.

Encouraging testimonials and sharing those stories in your marketing communications will make your organization more relatable.

 4. Testimonials Attract Other Likeminded Volunteers and Donors

The best way to grow awareness for your non-profit is to recruit more people to publicly share their experience with your organization. 

In the social giving campaigns that we run for non-profits, we notice that friends and acquaintances of current donors are more engaged, have a higher retention rate and are most likely to ask their network for additional contributions and support.  

Testimonials help attract interest from others who share the same values and beliefs.

Marketing for non-profits differs from marketing for traditional businesses in many ways. One thing that remains consistent is the power of testimonials.  

If you're interested in exploring testimonials or other marketing tactics, we over reduced rate packages on social media for non-profits. Contact us today, to discuss how to make your non-profit more marketable. 

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