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4 Tips To Live Your Entrepreneurship Dreams

by Sharon L. Hadden on December 14, 2017
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Entrepreneurship is different for everyone. For some, it comes natural, but for others, it’s a practiced behavior. No matter which category you fall into, there are highs and lows in every entrepreneurial journey.

Some of my high moments have been leaving my “good” government job and hiring my first employee. One of my lows has been breaking up with wonderful clients, to pursue a different business focus. 

You may be looking back on the year, thinking of all of the things you could have done better. I challenge you to see beyond the self-criticism, and instead, congratulate yourself on another year of business. 

Should you decide to further indulge in this article, please enjoy the tips I’ve shared, to help you live your entrepreneurship dream.


1. Start Where You Are

This phrase, “Start Where You Are,” has been my mindset for the year. I wanted to triple my revenue. Increase my contact list by 5 times. Bring in 10 times the amount of website traffic.

Before I could work toward any of these goals, I had to take into account my current circumstance. First, I was not producing content that would make more people visit my website, let alone join my email list. I was also undervaluing my services, which constantly put me in front of the wrong customers. I had a bad habit of not answering email in a timely manner, and every time I RSVPed for an event, I almost always found a way to not show up.

Once I came to terms with my strengths and weaknesses, as a person, as a woman, as an entrepreneur, I began to make subtle changes that helped turn every avenue into new opportunities. You can take a look at some of the lessons I learned along the way, and perhaps pick up a few creative ways to market your business, in this post.  

2. Reset

Forget what you know about what’s possible. Stop thinking from the mentality that content, clients, customers can run out at anytime. Hit the reset button on any preconceived notions of entrepreneurship, and just dream.

You can reset your mindset, by writing down all of your previous limiting beliefs, then tearing, shredding or throwing those notes away. You can also release these limiting beliefs during prayer or meditation. Whatever your strategy, leave this scarcity behind, and move into the new year, with a mentality of abundance.

After you’ve looked at your lessons, it’s time to let them go and move forward into the next year. Don’t worry about what didn’t work. Instead, focus on where you can grow and the opportunities that have presented themselves.

SSCG - Inspiring Quote From Women in Business.jpg 

3. Take Massive Action

Energy breeds new energy. It can be tempting to settle into a comfort zone, or wallow in poor results, but don’t! Don’t slow down for any reason. Once you clear a path toward achieving your dreams, stay the course until that dream is realized.

Take massive action, to achieve the goals you’ve set forth, and use that momentum to drive unimaginable results for your business. Celebrate every semblance of a win, and remember to keep your eye on the prize. I like to break up my big visions into small chunks, so that my focus is crystal clear. Yes, I get thrown off track—I’m human—but I’m determined that every step I take is a step closer to my entrepreneurship dream. Tackle your tasks with this tenacity, and watch s**t get real!

4. Find Support

I learned the hard way, that in order to thrive as an entrepreneur, you can’t work in a vacuum. More recently, I’ve made a point to collaborate, share and connect with virtually anyone who will listen. We all need support, and if you’re determined to reach the peak of your entrepreneurship dreams, you’ll need some help along the way.

The best decision I’ve made all year was joining Rising Tide’s society of creative entrepreneurs. There’s a meetup every 2nd Tuesday,  in a city near you, dedicated to idea sharing and goal digging. I’ve connected with a few group members outside of this organized event, and it’s been transformative. Whether it’s time to brand your small business, hire a marketing consultant, or build your spiritual muscle, find a support system that will cheer for you.



The only thing standing in the way of your entrepreneurship dream is your mindset. Take a snapshot of where you are, and draft a plan of where you want to be. Invest in the tools, talent and resources that will get you there.

Failure is not an option, when you decide that the only path possible is the path where you succeed.


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