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18 Location Independent Businesses You Can Start Today

by Sharon L. Hadden on August 7, 2018
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A location independent lifestyle can feel out of reach when you've got a car payment, mortgage, product inventory, etc. It certainly felt out of reach when we decided to pack up Social Savvy and hit the road for the next year. 

The truth is, it’s not difficult to transition into a location independent or remote work lifestyle. The hard part is committing to the decision to do so. Once you've decided, life and business sort of just catch up with your pace. 

You may currently be sitting behind a desk or huddled into a cubicle, but if you're willing to dream, we've got a list of ideas to take your work with you anywhere.

Some of our favorites come from websites like Red Pill Rebellion and Location Rebel, and if you have any others, please leave a comment and share. In the meantime, please enjoy our list of 18 location independent businesses you can start today. 


1. Graphic Design

Graphic design is perfect for location independent individuals because it’s typically project-based and you don’t need to be in the same room as your client to get the project requirements and get the job done.

2. Copywriter

Similar to graphic design, you can write for anyone as long as you have an internet connection (and are a skilled writer, of course). There’s a growing need for copywriters as more people create online businesses and rely on sales pages and online copy to attract buyers online.

3. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is another lucrative writing job that you can do from anywhere. Ghostwriters write materials for someone else, usually a celebrity, entrepreneur or household name, under their name. Ghostwriters usually write books, ebooks, articles or educational material.

4. Social Media Manager

Many business owners don’t have the time to manage their social media pages and turn to freelancers to help. With the help of automation, you don’t even need to be in the same time zone as your client’s audience either!

5. Facebook Advertising Specialist

If you don’t want to manage social media pages on a day to day basis but you have social media marketing skills, then Facebook advertising can be an excellent location independent business for you. You can work on ongoing basis or project only basis, depending on your preference. 

6. SEO Specialist

Everyone has a website these days but not everyone has SEO skills. SEO specialists do not need to be present or in the office to do their job. Just find a place with excellent WiFi, then you can work your SEO magic from anywhere.

7. Google Adwords/PPC Specialist

Much like a social media manager, you might not want to work on the organic side of SEO. However, if you have Pay-Per-Click advertising experience, you can create Google Adwords and Bing ads from customers all over the world. 

8. Virtual Assistant

VA’s are a very popular job right now. If you are organized and have specific skills like social media management, project management or website management experience, you can find work as a VA. Virtual Assistants do a specific task or set of tasks to help streamline operations for an entrepreneur or business.

9. Website Designer/Developer

Website design and developer is a very specific set of skills that is much-needed in this online day and age. There is a big need for new entrepreneurs to create websites but few people have the skill set so if you do, then you are already on your way to opening a freelance website design business.

10. App Developer

Apps have grown in popularity since smartphones came on the scene a decade ago and many businesses and entrepreneurs need them. There’s quite a bit of technical skill involved in developing apps so if it’s something that is part of your specialty, you can start selling your developing services and attracting clients quickly!

11. Info Product/Course Creator

Do you have a special skill that someone can learn through a course, ebook or information product? Then you can make a lucrative business from creating courses and information products! The trick is to build an audience of individuals interested in your skill and to engage with them through social media and content before selling. 

12. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is when someone sells products on behalf of a distributor or manufacturer. When it sells, the manufacturer will package and ship the product to you. You need marketing and website knowledge to succeed in dropshipping but once you get the hang of it, you can do it from anywhere!

13. Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon FBA seller means you sell a product on Amazon and they fulfill it through their “Fulfillment by Amazon” network. Amazon provides its sellers with a host of tools and technology so that you can sell your products from anywhere. 

14. Business Coach

If you’ve ever created a successful business or have had success in the business world, you can share your expertise and help others start and run their businesses. To excel as a business coach, you need to have great listening skills and be an effective communicator.

15. Life Coach

Life coaches help guide those who are struggling with personal challenges. There are many different niches of life coaches. If you enjoy helping people overcome their struggles and make positive changes in their life and are considered an excellent motivator and listener, life coaching could be a great avenue for you. Many coaches over the phone or by Skype so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

16. Blogger/Instagrammer

Making a living through blogging and Instagramming won’t happen overnight but you can make a good amount of money if you take the steps to create engaging content and build a strong following. Once you’ve built an audience, you can work with brands to promote their products.

17. Podcaster

Podcasting is very similar to blogging. You start with creating compelling audio content about specific topics and building an audience. Once your audience grows big enough, you can make money by working with sponsors and advertisers for your podcast. 

18. MLM/Network Marketing

Multi-level marketing relies on individuals to act as sellers or distributors of their products and to attract more sellers or distributors into the company. We recommend starting your MLM business before  you start living your independent lifestyle. It takes some time to get started but once you started gaining success and growing your team, you can start living an independent lifestyle.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to location independent businesses! The truth is there are hundreds of ways you can make money while traveling the world. You just need a sense of adventure, some hustle and a little bit of courage.


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