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14 Funding and Development Resources for Women Focused Startups

by Sharon L. Hadden on March 1, 2018
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30% of all startups are founded by women but only about 7% of venture capitalist funding goes to female entrepreneurs.

While this difference is incredibly disheartening and frustrating for women focused startups and female investors, there are some organizations who are taking steps to change it. Here are 14 resources for women focused startups to help with funding and development.


1. Amber Grant

The Amber Grant was launched by womensnet.com in 1998 in honor of Amber who died at the age of 19 and was unable to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream. They offer a monthly qualifying grant of $1,000 to women-owned businesses.


2. Women Startup Lab

Women Startup Lab creates transformative programs that help female entrepreneurs form meaningful relationships with successful leaders and access powerful resources. Through their accelerator program, they offer transformational coaching  and programs that are designed to help women entrepreneurs succeed.

2. iFundWomen

IFundWomen is a crowdfunding platform for women-led startups and small businesses. As opposed to traditional funding, crowdfunding for women startups helps female entrepreneurs raise cash and keep control of their business.

iFundWomen is a platform that allows female entrepreneurs to create crowdfunding projects, connect with crowdfunding coaching and leverage connections through their network.


4. WomenLaunch

WomenLaunch is female startup accelerator. They offer resources such as networking, mentoring, peer coaching, seminars and workshops to female entrepreneurs so they can build scalable businesses.


5. Women You Should Fund

Women You Should Fund is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform by Women You Should Know. They connect the power of women-led innovation and women-driven investment to help women make their product and business ventures a reality.


6. Her Corner

Her Corner is a digital and in-person community of women business owners. They help women grow their businesses through collaboration with other business owners, online educational programs, in-person events, networking groups, businesses accelerators and business advice from prominent experts. They have a free online community and a paid accelerator.


7. BBG Ventures

Built By Girls Ventures (BBG)  is an early stage funding resource for consumer internet and mobile startups with at least one female founder. They believe in supporting women who are using technology to address common life-challenges and transform daily habits.


8. 500 Women

500 Women is a division of 500 startups that focuses on investing in women-owned businesses. Your company must include a woman with at least 10% ownership, to be eligible for funding from 500 Women. Since 2014, they have invested in over 100 women-founded companies.


9. BELLE Capital USA

BELLE Capital USA provides funding for digital/mobile/internet, technology-enabled products and services and life sciences/medical devices/healthy IT (digital health) and CleanTech. Companies must have one female founder or C-level exec to be eligible for funding.


10. Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds is one of the nation’s most active early-stage investment firms focused on creating opportunities for women-led businesses. They believe that gender diverse teams produce better return on equity and seek companies where women hold leadership position and own substantial equity.


11. Women’s Venture Capital Fund

Women’s Venture Capital Fund believes that women are the biggest emerging market who control spending, bank accounts and personal wealth. They see potential in women founders and gender-diverse teams and want to help them create scalable businesses that will provide effective products and services for women and their families.


12. Female Founders Fund

The Female Founders Fund supports women-led startups specifically in e-commerce, web-enabled products and services, marketplaces and platforms. They have 26 companies in their portfolio.


13. Tory Burch Foundation

Founded by fashion designer Tory Burch, this foundation seeks to support the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. They offer programs and initiatives that invest in women-owned businesses, by providing access to capital, entrepreneurial education and mentoring and networking opportunities.


14. Pipeline Angels

Pipeline Angels wants to change the face of angel investing. In 2016, only 26% of angel investors in the U.S. were women. Pipeline Angels offers an investing bootcamp for new investors and a pitch summit for entrepreneurs who are looking for funding.

Each organization on this list was established to provide women startups with the support they need to succeed. If you know of any additional resources, please let us know in the comments! 

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